CuddleNest® Size Guide


  • I just opened this beauty!! I actually own a DockATot, one of the smaller ones. My SIL got it for our little girl at our baby shower. She does seem okay with it, but it is also very expensive and the materials is not great. I decided to get this CuddleNest Mighty and I was impressed with the reviews and the quality. Let me tell you...the quality of this is 10x BETTER than the DockATot! You can feel that the fabric is softer, the padding is MUCH thicker, the zippers are better quality, and while this isn't super important...I LOVE THAT IT CAME WITH A CARRIER COVER! Trying to find a bag for our other one to fit in was annoying, and it ended up just sitting in the backseat of our cars lol. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT!!! I am going to recommend this to all my new mama friends!!!

    Alyssa Adroz
  • I really like the board itself, and it came with plenty of letters! With excellent customer service, they sent me even more letters when I asked. Thank you!

  • Perfect addition to my son's closet, we are very organized now. Most of the ones sold at national stores or on Amazon are cheap crap and plastic or card stock. I was looking for wooden and these are perfect and the best I could find!

  • This is AMAZING! I was looking into more expensive versions of this like the "dockatot." So glad I found this brand instead. It is perfect and IMO better! Baby loves to lay and play in this right now. Hoping to be able to easily transition her from her bassinet to crib with using this! Would recommend to EVERYONE! Post office lost my package and customer service at Loluemade was quick to ship another with no questions asked. So thankful for their outstanding customer service!

  • LOVE THEM! Amazing quality and just so adorable. These came fast and quick to my door. Better than expected, wood made, and cute design and etching. Would buy again.

    Jordan N
  • My baby loves this thing and so do we!!! It's so convenient to take from couch to bed to floor. Very durable and quality fabric! I was on the fence about purchasing this vs. the doc-a-tot and I couldn't be more happy with this purchase...worth every penny without regret!

    Celeste Peal
  • Well made product, good size. Perfect for my 10 month old who outgrew the previous version. Shipped quickly. Quality is outstanding.

  • These dividers are incredible and I cannot recommend them enough. All the other similar products out there on Amazon or etsy are junk!!! These are fully wood and they arrived super quick. Service is exceptional too.

    Paola s
  • Sturdy and quality materials make this an amazing product! My 11 month old son loved it INSTANTLY! I'll save you the research - just buy it!

  • These are perfect, well made, and shipped quickly!

  • Absolutely love these CuddleNests! Bought the smaller one when my daughter was born and now that she has outgrown it we have purchased the toddler sized one. Well made and just adorable! We use ourse every day. Nice for supervised rest, cute pictures, play time, and reading!

    Amy Parker
  • Unmatched quality. These divider organizers for the baby nursery are so cute and unique. Would buy again and again.

    Alex Sealy
  • Incredibly high quality, well conceived product. Quick shipping and effective packaging. I appreciate that it comes with a reusable carrying case too. As someone who did not birth a magical baby who likes to sleep, this product is coming in handy. Wish I snagged one earlier!

    Kathleen E
  • You will not regret buying this. Like many others, I purchased the CuddleNest because I couldn't justify spending $300 on a dock-a-tot grande and this seemed like a similar product. I'm glad I purchased this because it is very breathable, sturdy and beautifully made. It's actually bigger than the dock-a-tot and my 10 month old has plenty of room to grow into it. Other reviews mention that the pad is firm, which means it is safe. But I found it firm and soft at the same time. My toddler is sleeping so much better in this and prefers to play in it as well. I am very happy I did not waste money on the dock-a-tot and instead bought this Cuddlenest. The quality seems superior and the company is in the USA.

    Ivan Rainey
  • Love this board and have gotten so many compliments already. Sending alot of customers your way!

  • So so happy with this purchase! My second is starting to get a flat head like my first (who used a dock a tot). I wanted a place where he could belly nap and something a bit more comfortable to avoid flat head. Happy to report that this fits the bill perfectly! He ONLY wants to be in this cuddlenest lounger. It's super portable, soft, and attractive with our decor. My only complaint is that I had a hard time choosing which pattern to buy!

    Customer service is excellent and item arrived quicker than expected! Price point is amazing, especially compared to the competition. I also like supporting American businesses. I will be buying the larger toddler version soon!

    Marcie Robles
  • I bought this item for my newborn son, I had wanted something similar to dock-a-tot but not as costly! This looked like a good buy and I was so right! My son loves it!

  • Cute and perfect for a natural theme. They look adorable and serve its purpose for our baby's closet and nursery theme (gender neutral/wood look). Price felt right, well made and are way better than anything else available that are all plastic.

    Kaitlin C
  • My daughter has had problems resting and getting comfortable due to hitting her head on the crib rails but this has completely eliminated that problem! She is two months old and used to wake up several times a night but this has cured her! Seriously. I am a happy momma!

    Anni Walsh
  • Best purchase I've made in a LONG time! The price seems fair for what you get which is a beautiful hexagon felt board, loads of letters in an organized box, and a nice wood easel! LOVE THIS!

    Jillian K.
  • I was looking to purchase a dock a tot when I found this. I'm very pleased with my purchase and my daughter loves it too!

    Brittnay Jayne
  • Love this cuddlenest! We have tried the dock a tot and the snuggle me, and this is the only one our baby prefers and is comfortable in! He has a bad acid reflux so he needs to have a pillow to elevate him, and the other bed is just not big enough. We got the toddler version and it is great! Definately a lot of room to grow. We've washed it once, and it's really easy to put back together. Great great lounger!! Highly recommend for anyone looking for a lounger. Way better than the other expensive brands! Our baby went from never relaxing that well and being constantly uncomfortable, to sleeping 6 hours TWICE EACH NIGHT!! Love love love!

  • Love, love, love these! Cannot say it enought. So cute and pretty and well made!

  • Very happy with this letter board product! Comes with everything you could possibly need and have a fun, cute letter board. Quality is so superior!

    Merc Wilkes
  • Was a perfect purchase! Bigger than I thought but it was a great fit in the room I wanted it in anyway. Quality is amazing and the hexagon shape is unlike anything else out there. Definately "original" !!

  • Fantastically made! Quick to ship and arrived safe and sound with other goodies in the package. I love the board so much!

  • We love our lounger! Baby girl is getting used to being in it and it didn't take long! I am transitioning her to the crib and this thing works like magic. Just buy it!

  • Very sweet customer service and very helpful. Strong communication also! Thank you once again. Awesome quality and super cute. My 3 month took to it quickly and with no issues! It's also quite cozy! I snuggle up on the side of it while hanging with her LOL 100% recommend!

    Ashlei Lawrence
  • Everything about this board is beyond better than it's marketed as - copious letters, excellent craftsmanship, a beautiful, unique and timeless design. Would definately recommend! Can't wait to hang this in my classroom as a versatile platform of inspiration for my students. Thank you for doing good work, and for the wonderful customer service.

    Kim Woodley
  • Adorable exactly as pictured. Quality is off the charts great! Thank you for shipping it quickly!

  • To start, the shipping was soooo fast! As soon as I got it and opened it I loved it. It even has a cary bag which is super convenient if you travel and don't want to get it dirty....lastly my baby loves it! I will buy the larger one soon.

  • This was exactly what I was looking for! I love the hexagon shape of the board and so happy it is actually a felt board! I love the letter set that it came with too. The emojis are too cute as well!

  • This product is amazing. So much better than I was expecting to be getting. I can't wait to give it to my daughter for her baby shower!

    Lori Spencer
  • Love this thing. It's huge...and it fits in the crib, playpen, on the couch, on the floor, wherever we want! My 7 month old loves it. Getting comfortable has always been hard, not anymore!

    Michelle Graham
  • Obviously the first use for this delightful product is a Tenacious D quote. It's super well made and I am very happy with it!

  • Perfect way to capture the growth during the early months/year. Shipped super quick and arrived in a nice canvas bag tied up with a bow. Makes a perfect gift and will buy more to do just that. Thank you!

    Kadie H
  • Love our new lounger purchase! Sweet girl is able to take great comfortable rests in it. It is very well made and easy to wash. Customer service is amazing.

  • I placed our order and our toddler lounger came in right on time. I just set up his new area to start transitioning himself to sleep on his own. The lounger looks awesome and I love the color. So far it looks like a great quality item and I can't wait for him to start sleeping comfy on his own.

    Wendy Castille
  • Love my new board so much! I ordered the grey one also and maybe I'll collect all of them at some point.

    Sandra marchant
  • So cute! Already in the baby closet and getting very organized which I love! Thank you!!! These are the best I've seen anywhere.

    Tessa E
  • My son loved it INSTANTLY! I was very impressed with the quality for such a reasonable price and I just think the pattern is super fun!!!

  • Fast shipping, washable cover, gender neutral design, and affordability are all the reasons I give this baby nest 5 stars. Very please with your product!

    Kate S
  • I bought this when my baby was one month old. My only regret is not buying it sooner! He's now 3 months old & STILL loves this thing! He sleeps in it every night & we move it from room to room for play time too. I feel safe that he's in this. No issues washing it either, very easy.

    Yvonne H.
  • I love this letter board and the box to organize all the letters! Couldn't be happier with our purchase. Highly recommend.

  • These wood closet dividers are the best thing I have in the baby nursery, BY FAR! Thank you for great service and quick shipping. The quality is amazing!!!!!!

    Amber Peterson
  • Love this! I think it is better quality and materials than the doc a tot! My 8 month old loves it and won't come out of it!

  • Thank you for shipping directly to the family!! They're still using the little one and now will be using the bigger one! They love both! Very high quality! Very fast shipping. She is now 6 months old and has safely learned to crawl and also uses this for learning to sit up and play with toys. Excellent safe soft surface!! At first the parents thought they'd never us it. Now its indispensable!

  • Beautiful product, I can't wait to use this and display the different things I have planned. Quality is more than I expected. Company customer service is very good and the shipped the item fast. Packaging was perfect.

  • An incredibly well made product! Although this one is for the baby that is still on the way, my 2 year old jumped right into it and is claiming it as his own! hahaha.

  • These milestone hexagon wood cards are adorable! They are double sided which is an added bonus. More than enough "firsts" to capture! The font and design are incredibly cute and pretty! It is a BIG set and comes with a ton of the hexagon cards. They are made of wood and they smell nice. haha.