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      What is the Size Difference between CuddleNest Mini and CuddleNest Mighty? : Click Here For the Size Page

      Should I use the CuddleNest if my little one is rolling over? : The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that a baby should only be placed on their back to sleep or rest until they are one year of age in order to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and suffocation.  Pediatricians advise that once a baby is capable of rolling over from back to stomach, the baby can be allowed to remain in the sleep position baby assumes. 

      A healthy tot of over one year of age may be placed in the sleep position they prefer.

      As always, we recommend you also check with your pediatrician about the best way to put your baby to sleep.

      Should I swaddle my little one in the CuddleNest? : You may place your swaddled little one on their back. If your baby does exhibit signs of attempting to roll, swaddling should no longer be used. 

      How do I wash my CuddleNest? : Click Here For the Care Information

      Do I need to wash my CuddleNest before first use? : It is not necessary to wash it. The CuddleNest is clean and does not require washing prior to first use.

      Co-Sleeping Message : The American Academy of Pediatrics has determined that the safest place for a baby to sleep during the first year of life is in a crib, bassinet or play yard in the parents' bedroom. 

      The LoLueMade Company recognizes that many people believe strongly that infants and young children should never sleep with adults in their bed, while others believe that such co-sleeping provides benefits. Many who choose to co-sleep with our CuddleNest Lounger find that the sides help establish a separate space for the baby that is close by to the parent(s).

      If you choose to use a CuddleNest while co-sleeping, in addition to consulting with your pediatrician, be sure to follow these seven precautions:

      1. Never allow baby to co-sleep with an adult who suffers sleep disorders, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication, or is obese. Ensure that each adult in the bed are aware of the baby’s presence.
      2. Carefully prepare the bed:
        • Place the CuddlNest on a firm mattress only. Be sure it lays flat and remains flat with adult(s) in the bed.
        • Position the CuddleNest in center of bed, near headboard. Each side of the CuddleNest should be at least 12 inches from edge of bed.
        • Make sure there are no extra pillows on the bed that can go over the baby while in the CuddleNest. Pillows and covers present a suffocation risk to your baby. Each parent should use only the pillow under their heads.
        • Make sure there are no covers (including blankets, sheets, pillowcases, shams, comforters, and other bedding) over the CuddleNest. Covers placed over the CuddleNest can end up over the baby’s face. Covers can also cause overheating which is associated with increased risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Parents should use separate covers to reduce risk of blankets being pulled up over the baby.
          3. To reduce risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, only place baby on back in the CuddleNest.
          4. Do not add any blankets or padding of any kind under baby in the CuddleNest.
          5. Keep all cords and strings away from baby. Cords of any kind, such as window or blind cords, present a strangulation risk.
          6. Never leave baby alone in adult bed. If baby awakens and you aren’t present, s/he may scoot and fall off bed.

          7. Never use components of the CuddleNest separately. Only use when fully assembled and zipped. Loose fabric and parts may present a suffocation hazard.

          Should I purchase the CuddleNest Mighty before my little one is age appropriate? : Our CuddleNest Mighty is only intended for little ones 9 months of age and older. Our smaller sized CuddleNest Mini is better for younger little ones aged 0 - 8 months of age.  

          Is the CuddleNest cover breathable? : Our CuddleNest Mini and Mighty's are tested for air-permeability. Even though our CuddleNest's pass a test for air permeability, your little one should only be placed on their back and face-up until the age of one. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies placed on their tummies are at increased risk for SIDS.  For this reason, anytime a baby is placed in the CuddleNest, the little one should be on the back.

          How can I prevent mildew (mold) from growing on my CuddleNest : If you are concerned about "mold" on your CuddleNest, it is actually likely mildew that concerns you (mildew is what sometimes grows on damp textiles, whereas mold tends to grow on food or in other areas). Any time fabric does not dry out after getting wet (for example, from wet diapers, spit-up, sweat, or incomplete drying after washing, etc.), there is a chance mildew can develop. Here is how you can help prevent mildew from developing on your CuddleNest: 

          • If the CuddleNest gets wet or damp, allow it to dry completely before using or stowing away.
          • Move the CuddleNest around: regularly shake it, ventilate it, and expose it to light and fresh air.
          • Avoid storing the CuddleNest in humid or damp areas.   
          • Never add waterproof materials to, in, or beneath the CuddleNest.

          If you should find mildew on the CuddleNest over time, we recommend adding a cup of white vinegar when washing the product. Alternatively, you can soak the affected piece in a solution of white vinegar and water for an hour or two before washing the piece.

          Notably, there is nothing in the materials of a CuddleNest that causes mildew. However, like any fabric product, mildew can grow on a CuddleNest if it gets wet and is not fully dried. Appropriate care is necessary to keep your Nest in top shape. If you have any other questions or concerns you can contact us at